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Enhancing Airport Security: Hayajami Porta Solutions' Tailored Approach for AISATS Ltd at Ranchi Airport

We recently had the privilege of collaborating with AISATS Ltd, a renowned joint venture between Air India Limited (part of the TATA Group) and SATS Limited, specializing in gateway services and food solutions. AISATS offer passenger experience services, ramp handling, load control, flight operations, baggage handling and aircraft services.


AISATS approached us with a unique requirement – the need for an office cum security monitoring space at the Cargo Terminal of Ranchi Airport. Traditional brick-and-mortar construction was deemed time-consuming and costly, prompting the Procurement Officer, Mr. Chaitanya (Name Changed), to explore alternative options.

Through online research, Mr. Chaitanya discovered our locally manufactured portable prefab security cabins in Ranchi. The lightweight and portable features of our cabins perfectly aligned with AISATS' vision for efficient cargo handling, offering the flexibility to relocate as needed.


Our team at Hayajami Porta Solutions worked closely with AISATS to understand their specific requirements. The result was a customized, cost-effective solution that not only met operational needs but also addressed financial concerns.

From manufacturing to transportation, installation, and commissioning, the entire process was completed seamlessly within a swift 4-week timeframe. This efficient turnaround time showcased our commitment to meeting tight schedules without compromising on quality.

To offer you a glimpse into our successful collaboration with AISATS, we invite you to watch our YouTube video showcasing the creation of the portable security guard cabin designed specifically for Air India SATS Limited in Ranchi.

At Hayajami, our dedication to customer satisfaction and our ability to provide affordable solutions are evident in this case study. 

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Portable Security Guard Cabin for Air India SATS Limited in Ranchi

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