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Numaligarh Refineries Ltd Project, Assam

Supplying 28 Porta Cabins to Numaligarh Refineries Ltd.

Project Overview:

Hayajami Porta Solutions, a leading manufacturer of porta cabins, successfully delivered 17 custom-built units to Numaligarh Refineries Ltd. (NRL) in Assam. These cabins, measuring 20ft x 10ft x 8.5ft (L x B x H), provided comfortable and secure workspaces for engineers working within the refinery complex.


Project Highlights:

  • Client: Numaligarh Refineries Ltd., Assam

  • Quantity: 17 Porta Cabins

  • Dimensions: 20ft x 10ft x 8.5ft (L x B x H)

  • Location: Dergaon, Assam (Manufacturing Facility)

  • Project Completion: 10 June 2023


Key Achievements:

  • On-time delivery: All 28 porta cabins were delivered to NRL ensuring minimal disruption to their operations.

  • High-quality construction: Our Assam Production Team adhered to the desired Specifications and Scope of Work to deliver cabins that met NRL's stringent quality standards.

  • Comfort and functionality: The cabins were designed to provide a comfortable and functional work environment for engineers, featuring amenities such as proper ventilation, lighting, and electrical connections.

  • Local production: By establishing a manufacturing facility in Dergaon, Assam, we were able to reduce transportation costs and support the local economy.


Hayajami Porta Solutions is your trusted partner for porta cabin solutions in Assam and Northeast India. With our commitment to quality, timely delivery, and local manufacturing, we can cater to your specific needs, whether you require temporary housing for construction sites, office space for remote projects, or durable accommodations for industrial settings.

Contact us today to discuss your porta cabin requirements and experience the difference.

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