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NTPC Porta Cabin by Hayajami

Porta Cabins - Made in Assam

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Portable Cabins Manufacturer and Supplier in Assam

The production of Portable Office Cabins and Bunk Houses is now taking place in Assam, with the aim of supporting infrastructure growth and improving road connectivity in the North Eastern states of India.

So, if you're looking for cost-effective solutions for your ongoing or upcoming projects, get in touch with us today!

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Why Porta Cabin Manufacturer in Assam?

Durable, Affordable and Off-course, Portable !

Assam is the gateway to the North Eastern States

In response to the growing demand for infrastructure growth and enhanced road connectivity in North Eastern States of India, we are proud to announce that our portable office cabins and bunk houses are now manufactured right here in Assam.


We understand the importance of having reliable and durable structures that can withstand the unique challenges posed by this region's climate and terrain.


This not only supports the growth of local businesses but also ensures that vital resources such as offices and accommodations are readily available to support those who need them most. With this initiative, Assam is helping to build a stronger foundation for progress and prosperity across these important areas of the country.

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Our Presence in Assam is an important milestone for us to serve the growing demand for portable cabins, Bunk Houses, Container Homes, Portable Toilets and Security Cabins in the North-East Region of India.


  • What is a bunk House ?
    Bunk Houses are pre-fabricated structures that serve as accommodations for offshore workers primarily in the Oil and Gas industries.
  • What are the benefits of Bunk House ?
    These structures are designed with durability and functionality in mind, providing a comfortable living space for workers who spend extended periods of time away from home.
  • What facilities are provided inside a bunkhouse?
    They come equipped with all necessary amenities such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and recreational areas to ensure that workers can stay productive while feeling at home in their temporary residence. Bunk Houses are essential to the smooth operation of oil rigs and other offshore facilities by ensuring workforce availability without compromising on comfort or safety standards.
  • What's a difference between a bunk house and a Porta Cabin ?
    In the energy sector, a bunkhouse is a common term used to describe the accommodations provided for offshore workers at oil rigs, refineries, thermal power plants and other similar sites. On the other hand, when it comes to the construction industry, porta cabins are typically utilized as temporary offices or living quarters for employees on site. It's important that both these types of structures meet specific safety regulations and provide comfortable living conditions for workers who need reliable shelter while away from home.
  • Who are your clients?
    We've successfully supplied Bunk Houses to organizations like GAIL Ltd, Vedanta Ltd, HPCL, Alfa Boilers Pvt Ltd and Oilex Ltd

Our Clientele

Assam Regional Works

Hayajami Porta Solutions, Dhangiri Gaon, Tepesia, Near Sonapur Toll Gate, Sonapur, Assam 782402

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